Home Inspection Services

We encourage attendance; by following the home inspector around the home, observing and asking questions, you will learn more about your new home as well as obtain an instant evaluation.

We provide you with personal attention; by taking the time to explain unfamiliar systems, suggest maintenance procedures, and point out ways to correct problems.

We will even provide repair and maintenance hints; and even if requested remodeling advice.

We work for you exclusively; and if needed will continue to even after you move in by telephone consultation.

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Residential Inspection Services in New Jersey and Surrounding Areas

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection - Inspection and test of all major systems & components in a home being considered for purchase

Pre-Listing Home Inspection - A review of your existing home, which can help you sell it easier and faster, and more profitably by addressing any issues on the front end, rather than in the negotiation process

Maintenance Inspection - An independent home inspection ensures all systems are functioning.

Commercial Inspection Services in New Jersey and Surrounding Areas

Commercial Building Inspection

Indoor Air Quality Services in New Jersey and Surrounding Areas

Radon Testing - Testing is the only method to know your exposure.

Mold Inspection - Moisture analysis and mold testing

Add-On Inspection Services in New Jersey and Surrounding Areas

Infrared (IR) Scanning Service - perform a full scan of the structure in an effort to detect issues that may not be detectable with a standard visual inspection.

Scanning For Underground Tanks

Septic System Testing

Septic System Maintenance Review

Termite Inspection

What We Inspect

Structure - The foundation, floors, framework, chimney. This will also include inspector entering the crawlspace, basement and attic when applicable.

Electrical - Service line, capacity, main breaker, fuse/breaker box (location and internal condition), sub-panels (location and internal condition), wiring installation, grounding and bonding, operate GFCI/AFCI's, switches and outlets, light fixtures.

Plumbing - The condition of water supply and waste removal systems including evidence of leaks and proper venting. All water fixtures and drains will be operated and inspected for proper flow and drainage.

Water Heating Equipment

Heating - Operational check and visual inspection of the primary heating system.

Air Conditioning - Operational check and visual inspection of the central AC system (weather permitting - the outside temperature must be above 65 degrees)

Exterior - Porches, decks, grounds, sidewalks, driveway, windows, grading, doors.

Roof - Covering material, gutters, downspouts, flashings, skylights.

Interior - Cracks, water stains, fit and operation of windows and doors, level and solid floors and fireplaces.

Garage - Doors, automatic door openers including safety sensors, firewalls and fire doors to living space, floors and window.

About the Inspector

Craig the inspector
  • Licensed Residential & Commercial Specialist # 004720
  • Licensed Home Inspector # 24G100019400
  • Licensed Radon Technician # MET10095
  • Licensed Radon Testing Business # MEB90009
  • 25 years in business
  • Over 20,000 inspections
  • Member ASHI
  • Member NACHI
  • Certified IAC2
  • Infrared Certified
  • Check out Craig's resume!

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