Home Inspection

Condominium $250
Townhouse $300
One Family House    
(Up to 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths)
Additional Bedroom & Bathroom
(Additional per room charge)
$  20
Commercial Building  Call For Quote
The LHI Home Warranty
(Offered only with home inspection package)
Basic Warranty $300
Preferred Warranty $350

Other Services

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection $55
Wood Destroying Insect Inspection - Without Inspection $75
Septic Testing $700
(Cost is dependent on quantity of tanks)
Call For Quote
Septic Testing
(Vacancy - two day load test additional)
Infrared Testing - Quick scan $  95
Infrared Testing - Full home scan $ 300
Lead Testing Call For Quote
Underground Tank Testing Call For Quote

Indoor Air Quality

Radon Screening Test
(Up to two devices are placed in the home)
Radon Screening Test - Without Inspection
(Up to two devices are placed in the home)
Mold Testing $400
Air Sampling
(Per Sample Taken)
Surface Testing
(Per Sample Taken)

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